Hello, I’m Tess!

A wedding videographer from sunny Oxfordshire.

I make wedding films so that you can not only re-live your most precious memories but also experience candid moments that you may not have noticed.

I have always made films with an aim to evoke emotion and I will always aim for happy tears! It really is the greatest honour to be able to capture the feeling of a day that you have spent so many months or even years pulling together.

A born observer, I have always liked to take a step back and take it all in. 

On your wedding day, I cannot wait to pick up the camera and start looking for the details; everything from real, raucous, authentic laughter to those beautifully presented place names.

Growing up, I used to fashion video cameras out of tissue boxes and pretend to film family and friends.

Fortunately for you I’ve now saved enough pennies to invest in one that actually records!

I started editing as a hobby at 13 but learnt how to do it properly through a Media Production degree.

Ten years on, I’m still addicted and still get so much joy out of emotive story-telling. 

Being behind the lens at a wedding observing love, creativity and interaction truly is my happy place.
It will never feel like work to me. Ever.

I’m fascinated by human behaviour/emotion and have always wanted to understand people a little better.

As an empath, I recognise and feel other people’s emotions deeply; something I believe helps me recognise the right moments to film

I used to work in television as an edit assistant and production coordinator. Working in all stages of TV production, I learnt the core systems needed to produce a programme and really tell a story. I still apply so many of these systems to my filmmaking today

I’m a real techie and love learning about cameras. In lockdown, I trained as a ‘3D matterport’ camera operator to create virtual property tours for estate agents


  1. I’m a night owl. Big time! Ever since I can remember, I have loved editing late into the night. It’s cheesy but editing gets me into the ‘flow state’ where I genuinely lose all sense of time.

  2. I love listening to people and nearly pursued a career in it after studying counselling and life coaching.

  3. I filmed my best friend’s wedding as a bridesmaid!

  4. I always, always wear odd socks.

  5. I‘ve recently got back into meditation and want to get better at it.